The most common questions we get

I am just starting my own business and I don’t know where my head is. What should I do?

The first consultancy for aspiring entrepreneurs is for free. And why? Everyone had to start somewhere. We understand that you want to be the best – and we will gladly help you to reach that goal. We are here for you  – during the consultation, we will discuss your ideas and we will suggest what will be the best for you.

How do you price projects? What is the difference between the estimated price and what I actually pay?

Upon our consultation (email) we will discuss your ideas. We will put together what you need  – according to that, we will set the estimated price. Once we have agreed on everything, we get to work. You certainly don’t have to worry about me asking for more than what we agree on. The price may be different only when you decide to change or add something during the process. However, we never do that without prior approval. 

Aren’t your prices suspiciously low?

Why do we have low prices? You can read about it in the “ABOUT US” section. We don’t pay for an office, assistants, or managers – that is why our costs are lower. Our work can be done from home, so why not take advantage of it.

When will my new website be ready?

A new website is usually ready in two weeks – however, it always depends on what curiosities you have in store for ous. I will always let you know when the website will be ready.

In what system will my website be built?

A simple website consisting of one page is coded without the content management systems – so, we have an HTML and CSS guru on our team. Other websites are developed in WordPress in which you can easily orientate yourself. This CMS is clear, fast and more importantly, it’ll get you a much lower price.

A customized content management system? Yes or no?

To be honest – we can create a customized website (We have a good programmer on our team), but if you want something “extra” (e.g., customized functions), we would recommend WordPress. A customized website takes significantly more time, so you’re gonna have to pay a lot extra.

Premium design? What is that?

We have access to a gigantic database of premium graphics – and in it, we select the ones that are close to your requirements. And then I fine-tune the details. Naturally.

Do you also have a customized design?

Sure thing! If you cannot choose from our rich offer, our graphic designer may create a customized design for you. Just expect it to take longer and pay extra.

How much text is needed to fill a website?

We cannot answer this accurately. If you want a simple portfolio, you won’t need much text. However, in case you are preparing a large website full of information, there can be a lot of text. I mean, A LOT. We will tell you the estimated amount of text in advance so you don’t have to be worried about extra charges.

Do you also make texts for websites or can you write something else?

We can get you texts for websites, product descriptions, articles, and other stuff in which the magic with letters is done (We have a capable copywriter on my team). Just say what you want.

Are you able to create an e-shop for me?

Yes, we usually create small e-shops with one to ten products. On request,  we can develop an e-shop where you can sell dozens/hundreds of products. 


There is no correct answer for this. SEO is a long-term matter which should be worked on from the very begging and be taken care of during the whole time. It will bring its results with time, but they are long-lasting. For PPC, you have to pay for the settings and then for each click, but the results will come overnight. We recommend both.

How does the PPC work?

It is an advertisement you pay for only when someone clicks on it. First, we will discuss keywords thanks to which you want to be seen in search engines. Then we prepare, set, and launch advertisements.

Advertising management - what will I be paying for?

For a monthly fee, we will always prepare, set, and regularly optimize your ads. Then you can decide how much money you want to spend on specific ads. Here it is necessary to pay for management and ads.

PPC - price for a click. How much will it cost me?

This is relational and cannot be answered unequivocally. It depends on the field, competition, period, and ad optimization. To get the idea, you can count on the price of 0,3 $ to 1 $ per click. When there is no or little competitive advertising, you can get to 0,1 $ to 0,3 $ per click. On the other hand, with greater competition, the price can get from  2,5 $ to 5$.

Do you also manage smaller accounts on social networks?

Since we also create the social networks account, yes, we do help to start social networks from the scratch.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – don’t be afraid of reaching us

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    If you don’t ask, you don’t get – don’t be afraid of reaching us